BodHD Business Opportunity Review

BodHd Review – Good Opportunity?

The health and wellness industry is Exploding with new opportunity every day.  Multilevel Marketing companies like BodHD that capitalize on this fact are positioning themselves to be in the right place at the right time.

BodHd, which was started in March of 2011, is a nutrition and health company located inCalifornia, USA.

The BodHD product line includes BLD – BLD’s proprietary High Definition Enzyme Probiotic blend unleashes vital nutrients and optimizes absorption into usable energy to restore and repair the body at the cellular level allowing you to look and feel better than ever.

BodHd Enrollment Options:

With BodHD  people are able to join for free and reserve their spot in their downline for a period of 30 days before upgrading and becoming a paid Associate.

With four start up pack options ranging from $85 to $490, distributors who want to begin with the company as an associate can begin participating in the compensation plan at a level which is affordable.

To remain active with the company, reps must maintain a monthly autoship of BodHD products of either $35 or $100 worth of products.

BodHd Compensation Plan:

With BodHD’s unilevel compensation plan, all BodHd Associates will earn 25% retail profit on their personal sales and participate in Fast Start Bonuses, Unilevel Commissions, Double income opportunities, and an 18% Global Revenue Sharing Pool.

Mini Cooper Car Plan:

BodHD also has a car incentive program where associates can qualify by meeting the following criteria:

  • Achieve 20,000 Monthly GV for 2 Consecutive Months… the 60% rule applies
  • Be on a 100 PV monthly Autoship

My thoughts…

BodHD looks like a great opportunity for those looking to build a solid and profitable business in the health and nutritional industry.  However, without the proper training, associates may have a tough time with lead generation, downline building, and recruiting for their business.

For this reason, many new networking business owners struggle to figure out the best way to build their business over the Internet.

Grow Your BodHD Business Faster With A Custom BodHD Marketing System

BodHD business opportunity

1493 Poinsettia Avenue #139
Vista California 92081
Phone: 760-597-2410
Fax: 760-597-2420

Owners and/or Executives and Executive Consultants
Ray Grimm, Jr., Co-Founder
Daran Grimm, Co-Founder
Sean Loomer, Co-Founder
Tylene Roderigues, Co-Founder

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