How To Get More Likes On Facebook – 3 Common Mistakes

Want to learn how to get more likes on Facebook?

how to get more likes on facebook

Learning how to get more likes on Facebook is as much about ”What to do” as it is about “What NOT to do.”

And there are a few common mistakes that you can avoid to make sure that your viewers never “bounce” from your Facebook page again.

How To Get More Likes On Facebook – 3 Things to Avoid:

  1. Visitors land on your wall – It may seem like a good place to send your visitors, but your wall will not engage your readers.  You have less than 8 seconds to capture your readers attention, and your wall will not do the trick.  So the first step in learning how to get more likes on Facebook is to learn how to install an i-frame application on your page that allows you to direct your viewers to a custom html page.
  2. Visitors land on your Info Page – Another common mistake is to set your page up so that your viewers land on your info page where you can give information about your company in hopes to “sell” it to them.  Quite frankly, these details about your business are boring and common, and will repel your visitors because, well, it’s boring!
  3. Not creating an “Irresistible Offer” – Learning how to get more likes on Facebook is easy when you learn the “Irresistible Offer.”  Offering your readers and fans something of high value in exchange for a “like” is the most effective way to gain likes.  In fact, it can increase your like volume by over 53% for your page.  There are apps available that will keep your special offer “locked-until-liked.”  By utilizing this “locked-until-liked” strategy, your page will increase in popularity through like after like.

How To Get More Likes On Facebook  Get 54% more likes with ease….

I-frame apps, page re-directs, and “locked-until-liked” technology is a bit much for the average Facebook page user.

Fortunately there’s an automated Facebook application called Double Your Likes that can do it all for you with a few clicks and within minutes you could have your page up and running and converting visitors and readers into raving fans for your page.

It uses “locked until liked” technology to offer something of value (like a free video, ebook, discount, or coupon) in exchange for a like on your page.

This “locked until liked” feature induces clicks because human nature wants us to get what’s on the other side.  The result?  54% more likes to your page.

For more about Double Your Likes, visit our Double Your Likes Review page to learn how to get more likes on Facebook with this incredible app…

how to get more likes on facebook

How To Get More Likes On Facebook

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  1. Training for MLM

    I don’t know how many fan pages I’ve been to that have you land straight on the wall or even worse the info page (I hate that one).
    Three mistakes that are easily solved with the use of Iframe landing pages.
    Thanks for educated the masses!

  2. Brian

    Thanks for your input! Yes iframe apps are the way to go in Facebook…

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